My interview with internet poker pro and author Dusty ???Leatherass??? Schmidt Part 1

When the conversation turns to the best poker online players on the planet, there's one player who seems contains the Rodney Dangerfield treatment, 'No Respect', Dusty Schmidt. Schmidt definitely contains the resume associated with a top player:
So what keeps Schmidt's name in the short-list of top online players? Well, when you consider the genesis of Dusty Schmidt's online poker handle 'Leatherass' can be a reference on the John Turturro character, Joey Knish, from Rounders, it must come as no real surprise that above all else the internet 'Leatherass' is really as centered on the bottom-line as his movie namesake. While every poker player would like to be the next Phil Ivey, Tom Dwan, or Daniel Negreanu; Dusty Schmidt usually proscribe on the theory of, 'if it takes place, great! But, I'm not gonna force the issue and sacrifice my bottom-line most current listings for some fame.'
Schmidt's no-nonsense approach with the online poker tables draws quite a bit of ire and several jeers in the posters on poker forums like 2+2 --many of whom see his 'nittish' style of poker only a small amount superior to a short-stacking rat-holer-- but Schmidt sees his yeoman-like way of poker being a badge being displayed proudly, something I get lucky and accept. Most from the 'Leatherass' naysayers are only projecting their anger; jealous of his results, and unwilling to put in the project that Schmidt does.
I recently had time must a couple of questions in the man generally known as 'Leatherass', as well as in Part 1 in the Interview I attempt to pick his brain on everything poker. In Part 2 from the interview the target switches to Schmidt's book Treat Your Poker Like a Business, and other businesses, as well as his thoughts in connection with 2+2 crowd.
Online Poker Examiner:Hi Dusty, thank you for making the effort to resolve a few pre-determined questions to me. My first question to suit your needs is related to the existing state of on-line poker:
It generally seems to me that this median player's capability has become steadily increasing over time. With so much information available today, not forgetting the many third-party software and data-mining sites players will make using, can you see the same sort of earning potential for on-line poker players in the long term?
Dusty Schmidt:This is really anyone's guess. Sometimes I believe that us pros have nothing to think about, as well as other times I get very worried. Overall I think the likelihood is that the poker economy will improve contrary. We ought to keep in mind that we are essentially playing poker for the blackmarket here inside the United States. Not in a sketchy way because it is not illegal and sites like Poker Stars are usually as reputable being a poker network could ever be, however it is not legal and regulated the way I'm sure we may all like it being. Although, we now have to get careful might know about would like because anytime government entities touches anything they seem to screw it up nowadays.
OPE:What are your thinking about the recent scandals in on-line poker? Lately we've seen everything from winning poker bots on Stars, to your Chinese collusion team, and much more big pros getting caught/admitting-to multi-accounting along with other offenses.
DS: I think what surprises me the most is individuals are surprised stuff similar to this happens. The thing is, it is unrealistic to think that in any multibillion dollar industry that there defintely won't be a few bad apples. In any endeavor where a great number of humans have been involved, probably since the beginning of time, there are always planning to be a few those who make an attempt to pull off something. Everytime one of these scandals happens, all I hear is, 'Why would so and thus do something similar to this? He/she had been an excellent player, why would that person cheat and risk their career so they may make $1.2M as opposed to $1M'? Somehow individuals don't see this coming when you've got guys on Wall Street who make $100M and may cheat to generate $5M more. You have guys like Tiger Woods who will be attractive, in great shape, possess a billion dollars and a bikini model for a wife and it's never enough. People always want more regardless how well everything is choosing them. It's human instinct, sadly.
OPE:You were also an outspoken critic of Shaun Deeb et al. at the WSOP Women's tournament. What was it that made you emerge so strongly for this topic?
DS:Well should you have read my blogs in the past, I am a pretty passionate liberal/progressive. I think we've got come a long way inside past 50-100 years to maneuver away from your extreme gender bias that has existed for way too long. It's not just that, oahu is the racism and the bigotry too. And I think what upset me probably the most is the fact that I was there playing your entire WSOP and I genuinely thought it was pretty cool that they a ladies event. I almost entered my wife in that room (who is really a half decent player in her own right) simply because I thought she would have a very blast. And to believe a lot of knuckleheads came along and attemptedto ruin it really taught me to be sick. I had also just written a write-up that was published in Card Player where I basically declared that us poker pros are around the cusp of really having our profession actually explored to much inside same way that men and women might look up to some PGA tour player or NBA player. And I thought that people necessary to start to take ourselves more seriously instead of behave like clown continuously. And then Deeb did that!!
In every sport, there exists some kind of senior's competition and ladies competition, when the sport physically enables it, that's. And in hardly any other sport do people attempt to ruin it for that seniors or ladies. I have never seen Pete Sampras try to enter the women's side in the US Open!! Not only is he not really that classless, but he's too busy attempting to win the men's US Open. If I am not mistaken, Deeb had a really WSOP. Maybe if he spent all his energy wanting to play his best within the men's WSOP events, things may have get more info solved a little better for him.
OPE:When you joined Drag the Bar you're already a well-established poker coach at another major internet poker training site, what was it about Drag the Bar that made you are feeling that 'this could be the site I want to become a part of'?
DS: It will be the people, without question. Not to knock one other training sites because I don't know the people who run them that well, though the team DTB has that is the brains behind the operation are geniuses within this industry and I was ecstatic to finally be managing intelligent those who do the right thing inside the poker training industry. Not that, but I believe inside long run Dragthebar will a minimum of compete using the leaders within the industry otherwise take it over completely. They possess some great stuff within the works that we have been all really looking forward to. I am proud to become a part of the team.
OPE:I've noticed you happen to be playing more tournaments recently, is a region you are attempting to produce a concerted effort to further improve in?
DS:Definitely. I believe since I resolved to play exclusively at Poker Stars, it really is hard never to try to get in some of such massive tournaments that Poker Stars hosts on such a frequent basis. Not that, but if you play millions and millions of hands of income games, it's only natural to find something a bit different every now and then. I have always played some tournaments in some places, these days I am actually attempting to learn the tactic and add tournaments to my arsenal of things I are capable of doing at the high level of profitability.
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